Would Sinclair Broadcasting Air This Piece As A Rebuttal To The Swift Boat Veterans?

Video Clip Special
C&L has a new hero.

His name is Lawrence O'Donnell, an MSNBC Sr. Political analyst. Last night on Scarborough Country, O'Donnell skewered John O'Neal the king of the Veterans for Truth squad by confronting him with honest, verifiable facts. O'Donnell had the guts to talk to liars the only way you can. By calling them liars! Jon Stewart would have been proud to see a media politico stop coddling a verified liar the way a Bill O'Reilly might do. (If you saw O'Reilly's segment with John O'Neal you would know what I mean.) The media needs to stop treating these guys as if they are legitimate sources of information! Lawrence O'Donnell did that last night.

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