Rumsfeld To Troops: "I'm An Old Man!"

A picture named thumb.del10512090730.india_us_rumsfeld_del105.jpegWe agree with him. It's time to retire, Rummy. You are hurting our troops!

Laura Ingraham said one thing that I finally agreed with on '"HardBall"

When discussing the troops epuipment questions:

Ingraham: ...If this is true, and these things aren't being given to the soldiers that they need..that's ridiculous!

Why wouldn't these things be true? Are the troops lying? It is ridiculous!

Here's a more extended segment on the troops asking Rumsfeld some hard questions. His responses are laughable and point out that he was as unprepared to talk to the troops a s he is to lead this war.

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Today Rumsfeld said that he was happy to hear the troops gripes!

"It's necessary for the Army to hear that, do something about it and see that everyone is treated properly."

Is asking to be properly protected a concern they should have at this time after being in Iraq for this extended period?


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