Gloria Borger Calls Trooper's Question"Insubordinate"

A picture named CM 007.jpgOn the Chris Matthews Show on CNBC, Gloria Borger from U.S. News and World Report said about the Rumsfeld question fiasco:

"It was kind of an insubordinate thing to do if you will..."

Kathleen Parker from the Orlando Sentinel also criticized the troops:

"They bellyache if you ask them, if they haven't had a bath in two days.."

Then she compares the Iraq war with WWII:

"In World War II people went into battle without winter uniforms.."

Ms. Parker then makes a prediction that Rumsfeld will step down in 2005 and John McCain will take his place.

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We figure if he does step down it will be because of health reasons. Not his but the troops.


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