A Neighbor's View Of Valerie Wilson's 'Outing'

Reading this op-ed in the USA Today that I found on Kos, I was wondering how Ken Mehlman would be able to spin it as an attack piece against Valerie.

When I first met Joe and Valerie, I quickly got to the classic Washington question: What do you do? Valerie's answer was more than a little vague. She quickly said she was a consultant. As a fourth-generation Washingtonian, I have learned that when someone says, "I'm a consultant," that is a cue to back off, as it usually means the person is unemployed or "between engagements."

I think I found it: ( this is a joke )

Mehlman: Tim, why didn't she say she was an accountant or a school teacher? She could have been an airline attendant or a cook in a downtown restaurant for that matter. Why be so vague and mysterious in her job description? When her friend said it was a "cue," what she really meant to say was "clue." Everyone in Washington knows " consultant" is a code word Tim! It's a code word for a C-I-A operative and so she outed herself."


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