Brit Hume: Second City TV

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Brit Hume: Second City TV

Digby reminded me of this segment on Brit Hume yesterday. C&L got a little inside information.

Tom: Brit, in a way I'm so happy that I got indicted. This way I can yell at all the democrats at the top of my lungs and nobody will mind.

Brit: Yes Tom, that will work really well. The left is famous for conspiracy theories so have a little fun.

Tom: How many times should I say partisan attack, liberal and fanatic you think?

Brit: The more the merrier.

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Tom: I'll say I was extorted by Earle too and throw in a runaway jury for good measure. Everybody remembers the runaway bride story.

Brit: Yea, she was kinda cute. I'll be the lawyer, judge and jury and you can fill in the blanks since I won't have any of the evidence that Ronnie Earle does.

Delay: What about all the democrats he prosecuted?

Brit: Just say they were democratic enemies, that way it'll cover all the bases.

Tom: That's real good Brit, I'll laugh and joke and make believe I didn't know anything. I have a really nice smile you know.

Brit: I know Tom, you are real photogenic when you want to be. Don't forget to make the uniter-divider reference.

Tom: I'm the hammer-Brit.

Brit: Then we'll shake hands to seal the deal. I'm Brit Hume after all; the most fair and balanced of them all.


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