Dowd On Plame: All You Need To Know Is Two Words: Cheney's Guilty

A picture named Dowd-Letterman.jpgDowd on PlameGate: All you need to know is two words: "Cheney's Guilty"

Maureen appeared with David Letterman, and explained BushCo, Judy, Woodward and the Plame issue.

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Dowd: ...The problem with Judy was the same problem as Bob Woodward. They just needed a little more adult supervision---You can't just put it in the paper and then let the administration use it to help make the phony case for war.

Dowd explains the entire Fitzgerald case: "You don't have to pay attention to anything that's happening and you only need to remember two words"...Letterman: "uh-huh"

Dowd: "Cheney's guilty."

Dowd on Bush: "...He has Harreit Miers and Condi and Karen Hughes, and he's surrounded by sort of nanny governesses, like a little boy..."

Skippy has a different take on Maureen.


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