Froomkin Gets Attacked By His Own Paper


"In Sunday’s Washington Post, the paper’s new ombudsman, Deborah Howell, writes that The Post’s political reporters don’t like my column. She states that the column is "highly opinionated and liberal" and concludes that it should no longer bear the name "White House Briefing," because the title may lead some readers to think it is the work of the paper’s reporting staff. Such a belief, Post political editor John Harris told her, dilutes the credibility of the on"

Do you think Bob Woodward's source exposing Valerie Plame has something to do with this? Will David Corn list all the wonderful things Dan has done in his career to help him out?

Jane writes a detailed piece on the attack of Froomkin:

"...What the WaPo writers are viewing through their Technorati tags is only a tiny crumb of a rage that threatens to sweep them into irrelevance. If they care about the preservation of superstar journalists and the politics of access above all else they blind themselves to the sea change that is taking place in how information is exchanged.

Dan Froomkin is the future. They say they want to balance him out by adding a conservative voice? That's great, just what the Mighty Wurlitzer needs, another outlet. As I've said before, this isn't about right vs. left, it's about people on both sides who are sick of the on"


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