Lindsey Graham On Presidential Spying: I Don't Know Of Any Legal Basis

On Face The Nation, Sen. Lindey Graham was not a happy camper over the revelations of these secret surveillance's that President Bush authorized.

Bob: ...does he have that authority, Senator?

Graham: I don't know of any legal basis to go around that. There may be some, but I'm not aware of it. And here's the concern I have-we can’t become an outcome-based democracy. Even in a time of war, you have to follow the process, because that's what a democracy is all about-a process.

Graham didn't want to admit that the President broke the law, but he said as much.

Graham: What executive order or constitutional provision would give the authority to the President to avoid the warrant requirement. There may be some, I just don't know of it, nut if there is not any-that's a problem.

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Biden: I'm the guy that drafted the FISA act , twenty five years ago on the judiciary committee--it's a secret court, allowing the President to wiretap anybody, intercept anything for up to 72 hours-----he already has the authority under the FISA court...


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