Kos Call: With A Little C&L In The Mix

The Washington Monthly wrote an in-depth piece on Markos from the Daily Kos. Atrios links to several others who weigh in and he responds to the lack of blogospheric wonkery that I agree with here.

Markos makes an interesting statement about "yours truly" in the piece and I'd like to share a quick thought:

"He is acutely aware of the limits of his moment. “There are technologies that are coming out there that I just don't get—I try, but I just don't get them the way I got blogs,” he told me. “Crooks and Liars is like the second biggest liberal blog now, and it's all video clips. And Friendster—I have a Friendster account, I understand in the abstract that people would like the web to connect it in a certain way, but I don't get it, I don't understand how it works.”

Since we live in such a visually stimulated culture, I understood how powerful it would be to bring that medium into your homes so you can see and hear what the people say I feel are responsible for tearing down the fabric of our country. Writing a paragraph about Tom Tancredo making a weird reference about blowing up Mecca isn't as powerful as actually hearing him say the words. (By the way-there is much more here than videos.)


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