TDS On Delay's ACU Tribute

TDS on Delay's ACU Tribute
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Blast form the Past

I'm digging in the vault to see what I come up with and this is a winner. The American Conservative Union sponsored a big party in honor of Tom Delay back in June. As usual-they all blamed the media for his troubles and Phyllis Schlafly hit the high point with her Star Trek reference.

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Roy Blunt makes a cameo appearance too.

Blunt: When I became the WHIP, he gave me a velvet coded hammer

Jon: "You never hear about the laws Tom Delay doesn't break."

The segment wrapped up with a tribute to "The Hammer" by playing Pete Seeger's song called " If I Had a Hammer"

Jon: If Tom Delay actually had a hammer, he'd bludgeon Pete Seeger to death...


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