Internment Camps Revisited

This story was on June 23 on CBS:

A Republican gubernatorial candidate's call for creation of a forced labor camp for illegal immigrants drew rebukes Friday from two GOP lawmakers, who labeled it a low point in the immigration debate.
Don Goldwater, nephew of the late Sen. Barry Goldwater, caused an international stir this week when EFE, a Mexican news service, quoted him as saying he wanted to hold undocumented immigrants in camps to use them "as labor in the construction of a wall and to clean the areas of the Arizona desert that they're polluting." The article described Goldwater's plan as a "concentration camp" for on


The Spanish news agency EFE apologized to Republican gubernatorial candidate Don Goldwater, saying a story distributed by the agency on June 21 mischaracterized Goldwater as wanting to use "concentration camps" as part of efforts to combat illegal immigration. Goldwater has called for a work program for illegal immigrants convicted of nonviolent crimes to help construct a border wall and clean up desert areas where illegal border-crossers have left trash and damaged the environment.


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