Bush Gets Heckled At The NAACP

NAACP-Bush2.jpg Bush got heckled while delivering a speech to the NAACP

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Steve Gilliard has more...

Tony Snow says...

SNOW: I haven't talked to him. I mean, he looked like he enjoyed it.

It was interesting. I guess there was a LaRouchie who disrupted things. We were told that the disrupter was a member of Lyndon LaRouche's whatever. And Julian Bond expressed some happiness about that and passed it on.


SNOW: There were two of them?

QUESTION: Two of them.

SNOW: OK, the LaRouchies.

QUESTION: But could you (OFF-MIKE)?

SNOW: But in any event -- I wasn't there. I mean, I'll leave it to people who were there to characterize it. I was back here getting ready to deal with you.


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