Consumer Confidence "Zooms" And "Skyrockets" - To Mediocre

Wingers are crowing about today's headlines, courtesy of a press corps that's never willing to do its research and always willing to spin for the GOP. "Consumer confidence zoomed," writes lazy AP reporter Jeannine Aversa in a typical piece - one that the WaPo entitles "Consumer confidence skyrockets." Other outlets are using "surge" or other verbs.

The zooming skyrocketing surge turns out to be a big improvement ... mainly from a dismal August ... and the second-highest reading ... but on an index that's only been around since 2002, when consumers were already enduring the dark Bush years.

A better longer-term yardstick is the Consumer Confidence Index published by the University of Michigan. That rose last month, too - to mediocre. (More details here.) Mediocre? Let's get this party started!

Their supporters can now rightfully claim that Republicans aren't horrible at everything all the time. When it comes to the economy, this month they "surged" ... up to average! (And that's after years of misery.)

Expect an onslaught of uncritical reporting tonight. But ask yourself while you watch ... who's "zoomin'" who??


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