Mike's Blog Round Up

Political Cortex: Two CIA officials say Washington–twice–declined to send the reinforcements they asked for when bin Laden was cornered in Afghanistan in 2001. Where's Chris Wallace?

Booman Tribune: Culture War? Nope, a war on culture...

Shakespeare's Sister: Ode to McCain

Bob Geiger: Knucklehead junior-climatologist, James Inhofe (R, OK), took to the Senate floor Monday to rant like a crazy person about how global warming is propagated by "doomsayers" who are tools of the "hysterical left." Guess the Bushistas failed to tell him they were blocking the release of a hurricane report that suggests global warming is contributing to the frequency and strength of hurricanes

Freewayblogger: FOX News quiz

Mia Culpa: A second report confirms the obvious...


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