Mike's Blog Roundup

TPMCafe: Iraq was always headed for de facto partition, and it has always been headed for a reboot of the dictator software. There never was any Democracy coming.

Facing South: The workers who walked off their jobs at Smithfield Foods have returned to work...for now.  And the Houston janitors trampled by mounted police during a non-violent protest last Thursday are being brutalized in custody

AlterNet: Ollie North is outraged that the Sandinistas are back in power but probably somewhat comforted knowing we're still giving money to paramilitary killers

Gahzette: Lipstick on a pig

The Satirical Political Report: Iraq Study Group's 'Magic Bullet': Send LA Cops to Baghdad...and this blogger asks, can golf turn the tide in Iran and the Middle East?  

The Largest Minority: Daily Show interview with Ted Koppel on his upcoming special on Iran.

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Avant News...Sandwalk...The Local Crank...Friends of Timlin


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