Mike's Blog Roundup

Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy: Open letter to Jeremy Lott and Mary Cheney’s bundle of joy. Meanwhile. at the Pundit Bar, George Packer, an Iraq expert who got everything wrong during the build-up to the war -- is back with his own very special brand of cluelessness...and we can't decide if this MSM hack is a liar, a moron, or both.

The Washington Note: More about the White House pressure on Flynt Leverett to bury his critical NYT op-ed.

Matthew Yglesias: No more Mr. Nice Indefinite Detention Without Trial in Gitmo.

the talking dog: Interview with Trevor Paglen, co-author (with A.C. Thompson) of "Torture Taxi: Onthe Trail of the CIA Rendition Flights", the first book to systematically investigate the CIA's extraordinary rendition program

Orcinus: Looks like Michelle Malkin is gonna be served a large plate of crow...

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: bending left...Consortiumblog... Rancho La Luna...Musings of a working mom


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