Joe Klein's Got A Brand New Thing....a Blog...

I was one of the bloggers who called him out on his idiotic statements that "nukes should be on the table" while discussing Iran and he actually apologized---well---sort of:

A few weeks ago, I made a mistake while bloviating on the Sunday morning television program This Week With George Stephanopoulos. I said that all military options, including the use of tactical nuclear weapons should remain on the table in our future dealings with Iran. I was wrong on three counts.

As with most right wing pundits (He says he's a moderate)---when they make terrible mistakes---they still attack the messengers:

I probably would not be writing this were it not for all the left-wing screeching. The Stephanopoulos moment came and went ephemerally, as TV moments do, leaving a slight, queasy residue — I knew that I hadn't explained myself adequately, but that happens a lot on television. So thanks, frothing bloggers, for calling me on my mistake. You can, at times, be a valuable corrective. At other times, though, your vitriol just seems uninformed, malicious and on

Now he has entered the land of the "screechers" and as Greg Sargent notes screech, he does....


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