Mike's Blog Roundup

Nieman Watchdog: Lieutenant General William E. Odom, who was director of the National Security Agency under President Reagan, spanked Hugh Hewitt in a wideranging and lusty interview.  All democrats should study the way Odom handled this neocon groupie

The Orstrahyun: Dick Cheney to flaunt his boyish charm Down Under...Part 2

Editor & Publisher: Frank Gaffney is back, claiming that while his bogus "Lincoln" quote was not real, it was a “paraphrase” of Lincoln’s actual views on dissent in wartime.  Just another jackal in a pack of craven demagogues.

netZoo: This 19-year veteran isn't getting full benefits, despite losing her leg when a tank crashed into her tent in Baghdad

Horses Mouth: GOP pollster says 'poll' showing war support is bogus

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Let's Try Democracy...Make Them Accountable...Breaking News USA...Hardliner Blog


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