Mike's Blog Roundup

The Osterley Times: This news was greeted, even in Northern Ireland, with open mouthed disbelief. Two of the world's most bitter rivals had agreed to work together.

Rising Hegemon: Attaturk has a slide show for ya...

Daily Howler: We often cite the willful incompetence and breathtaking duplicity of our pathological press corps, but Bob Somerby has been exposing their hackery for ten years. Yesterday he wrote: "These are nasty, stupid people—transfer students from Salem Village. But then, they’re paid for these very traits. Read on; we have to learn how to describe this criminal class."

Whiskey Fire: Sometimes, you just have to look at the wingnuts in absolute jaw-dropped awe.

Spot of Bother: Smithsonian chief rips off the museum...and America

Taylor Marsh: Embarrassing for Jim Webb, very bad for his aide, but a sure-fire way to impress some of our Republican friends!


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