Mitch McConnell: Democrats Want The Troops Dead

And yet, we're the ones supposed to extend the hand of bipartisanship to these jokers.

linkmcconnel.jpg Calling All Wingnuts:

I'm not kidding. Listen to the clip. I've provided full context - the question before, and the question after. (Senator) McConnell never qualified his statements. Below is the relevant transcript:

Bennett: "...what does the position feel like, do you suppose, when you're a Democrat in the Senate when your political well being is tied to, I guess, rooting that we don't succeed..."

McConnell: "Yeah, I mean that I... there's no question that they don't wish this exercise well, which is why they keep moving the goalposts and keeping the issue alive. In the meantime we're talking about the lives of our soldiers, we're talking about the lives of a very large number of Iraqis..."

So there you have it: McConnell says Democrats don't want us to succeed and, in fact, since we're talking about soldier's lives, McConnell believes Democrats want more troops to die...

Listen to the clip here and judge for yourself.


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