Bush "Hearts" Brown, But Is The Feeling Mutual?

AP Via Yahoo:

President Bush expressed optimism Thursday about the future of British policy toward Iraq under Gordon Brown, the apparent successor to Prime Minister Tony Blair, declaring that Brown "understands the consequences of failure."

A month ago, Brown met with Bush for the first time without Blair being present. The two spoke for a half hour after Bush dropped in on a meeting between Brown and U.S. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley. Brown was in Washington for meetings at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
"I have found him to be an open and engaging person," Bush said. Read more...

President Bush might want to take a closer look into Gordon Brown's eyes.

Via Telegraph:

Gordon Brown vowed yesterday to take on President George W Bush and the Americans over foreign policy as he spelt out plans to break from Tony Blair's approach to the "war on terror".

As Mr Brown prepares to take over from Mr Blair, he is determined to signal a dramatic shift in the way No 10 handles its relations with the Bush White House.

Mr Brown, who backed the 2003 Iraq invasion, said he had since learned that only so much could be achieved against terrorists and religious fanatics by brute military force, intelligence, security work and policing. In terms that will appeal to many Labour supporters but anger Mr Blair — and some in Washington — he said the fight to stop "extremist terrorist activities" would only be won after world leaders triumphed in a peaceful battle for "hearts and minds". Read more...


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