Blue Gal's Blog Round Up

Beautiful Day Rule:  House DEMOCRATS back increase in abstinence-only "education"?

I miss Fafblog, Spot!:  Fred Thompson, Son of Doom, parts one and two....

Denialism Blog:  The joke that is "No Child Left Behind."

Brain Flotsam:  Remember the candidates -- all of them.

Congratulations to blogger Arbitrary Marks on the occasion of her recent wedding:  "While the state I'm in won't be recognizing our ceremony on Saturday, having made it illegal by both passing a law and a constitutional amendment, the circle of people attending do recognize our relationship."

Off the Beaten Path, "the best (peace activist) bloggers are Quakers" edition:  Luminiferous Ether, Silly Poor GospelQuaker Agitator, Quaker Quaker, New Quaker.


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