Calling Out The Media

How many times have we rolled our eyes at the notion of a "liberal media"? How often have we accused the traditional media of being nothing but stenographers instead of the actual journalists we want them to be? Wouldn't it be wonderful, just once, to able to ask a journalist to explain his story and actually have a dialogue with him/her?

Well, Media Bloodhound did just that. After critiquing Michael Powell's profile of Rudy Giuliani in the NY Times, who should turn up to defend his work than Mr. Powell himself? Not to put too fine a point on it, Powell was a wee bit defensive at first. But to his credit, he did engage with Media Bloodhound and the exchange is an interesting one, with Powell conceding some of MB's points.

I do think that Powell deserves some kudos here...can you imagine Joe Klein or David Broder being at all receptive to a blogger's points, no matter how cogently made? *snort* Neither can I.

A tip of the hat to Media Bloodhound as well, for keeping the discourse civil (especially when Powell initiates his first post with a "your mama..." Seriously.) There's a lot of anger and feelings of betrayal in the blogosphere and then anonymity here makes it easy to write things you would not necessarily say face to face. However, look how much further this discussion goes, when the impulse to slap down is checked. This may not be the great "a-ha" moment that we're all hoping from the traditional media, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

Now if we can just get CNN on board...


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