Novak: I'm Taking My Toys And Leaving!

Call the waahhhbbuulllance! The Douchebag of Liberty isn't part of the cool kids anymore and he doesn't like it.

novak.jpg ThinkProgress:

In a radio interview with Diane Rehm this morning, right-wing columnist Robert Novak tried to assert his conservative credentials by distancing himself from the Bush White House. "I don't support this administration," he said.

"The president's cut me off the list of conservative columnists that are invited there." He added, "They consider me a lot of trouble."

It would be unsurprising if the White House considered Novak "trouble," given his unscrupulous journalistic ethics. But nothing in Novak's previous comments has suggested anything but a close relationship with the White House. Just recently, he said he "never enjoyed such a good source inside the White House" as Karl Rove.

It appears Novak is simply sour over the fact he wasn't given a 110-minute sit-down interview with President Bush like his counterpart at the New York Times, David Brooks.

Audio of the Diane Rehm interview available at TP.


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