Mike's Blog Round Up

Shakesville: Publicity shy, cave-dwelling killer Osama bin Laden, without a release for nearly three years, is scheduled to hit the charts again with a new video in which he plans to show off a new beard style to go along with what many are calling a new "funky-fresh" call for Jihad.

Taylor Marsh: Carnage, Petreaus, and a secret report

onegoodmove: Some good reads for ya

Prairie Weather: Republicans aint doin' so good...gonna nommy-nate that moonshiner.  Norbizness has a remix of the GOP primary debate

Firedoglake: Deliberate lies and manipulations

INSTAPUTZ: The brilliant Iraqi blogger, Riverbend, received horrible treatment at the hands of warbloggers.  They'll be happy to know that she's fled to Syria.

Happy Blogiversary to The Strange Death of Liberal America


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