Mike's Blog Round Up

Hullabaloo: Those who think the Iraqi disaster has killed the influence of neoconservativism should follow Giuliani's campaign with interest.

Words of Power: To the Bush-Cheney national insecurity team, the Cult formerly known as the Republican party, and the US mainstream news media, the Democratic leadership should say simply, bring me the head of Osama Bin Laden, or just shut up and hire yourselves lawyers for the Hague.

Suburban Guerrilla: You already knew Chimpy wouldn't nominate a moderate for Attorney General. But it's hard to imagine three worse possible choices than this bunch.

A Tiny Revolution: If you made up a list of the top 1000 priorities of the people who run America, human life might come in as high as 997th."

Obsidian Wings: And a bit more on "priorities"

AlterNet: Humboldt County, California, became the latest, and largest, jurisdiction to abolish the disastrous legal doctrine known as "corporate personhood." (h/t Medford Tim)


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