Mike's Blog Round Up

James Wolcott's Blog: It is a measure of Petraeus's obliging pliancy that he would even accede to testifying on the anniversary of 9/11, thus ensuring that his report would function as a 'tie-in' product.

Beggars Can Be Choosers: Hillary has returned the Hsu money.  When will George W. Bush return the $1.4 million his campaign received from Enron?

Consortiumblog: When former CIA officer Ray McGovern made the vocal suggestion -- during a technical delay to fix Gen. David Petraeus' microphone -- that the witness be sworn in, McGovern was forced to leave the hearing room.

Robert Reich's Blog: The way to prevent the looming recession

10 Zen Monkeys: In one corner, we have a disheveled , sickly looking maniac who can barely move and appears to be in some kind of drug-enduced stupor while babbling messages of madness.

And in the other corner, we have Osama bin Laden

Media Bloodhound: Quality reporting demands accuracy, honesty, context and a willingness to report the hard truths.  We Want News


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