Countdown’s Worst Persons: Shays (CT-04), Fox Business, & BillO

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On Friday's Countdown, Keith gives the bronze award to Rep. Chris Shays for his hyperbolic attack on baseball players, the silver to Fox Business Network for scraping the bottom of the barrel by using a psychic to discuss market forecasts and to perpetual winner Bill O'Reilly for his bizarre and lame Godwin's invocation to slam Tim Robbins' recent appearance to promote John Edwards.

Billo is Billo. We expect him to say something stupid. But Republican Chris Shays' inane comments the other day about baseball players testifying before Congress about steroid use being "the wors[t] behavior in anyone in my 20 years in public life in Congress" were rightly vilified. After all, he is also the man who thought Erik Prince of Blackwater was doing "a perfect job" before Congress only a few weeks ago. Putz.


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