Mike's Blog Round Up

Continuing with my recognition of the intrepid bloggers who filled in so ably while I was away...
Politics in the Zeros: Money for nothin', chicks for free

Lance Mannion: If Democrats think that Hussein and Muslim and madrassa and black are dirty words, just think what fun the Republicans are going to have with them.

Shakesville: Liss has some reading recommendations.

The Largest Minority: The Palestinians are still under occupation, so throwing $7 billion at the corrupt Fatah government won't change anything.

Over at Steve Audio's place, we're reminded it's not just the week before Christmas.

Media Bloodhound: Big news for democracy aint big news at the Paper of Record.

The redoubtable Blue Gal--the blogosphere's answer to Chone Figgins--shares about her breakfast with Santa and 71 Kindergarten kids.


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