Mellencamp At The John Edwards Event

Here's John Mellencamp singing "Our Country" at the John Edwards event in Des Moines last night.

And here's Elizabeth Edwards introducing her beaming husband.

UPDATE: John Amato: "Jane has a good piece up about Edwards' performance at the concert last night."

The Mellencamp concert for John Edwards last night was a huge success for the campaign. It was well attended (easily twice the size of the Huckabee "Huck'n'Chuck" rally the night before), the crowd was enthusiastic and responded to his message. The people he assembled on the stage represented the image he was trying to put forth -- working class, labor, the people who have been forgotten and disenfranchised and disempowered. They're pissed off and they respond to Edwards' message that you can't reach a "bipartisan agreement" with people who won't pay for a liver transplant for a teenage girl for the sake of profit. You're going to have to fight them.


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