Mike's Blog Roundup

Working Life: Why we miss John Edwards' voice on trade and globalization.

Amygdala: Knowing what one is talking about.

Connecting.the.Dots: Lotts of Smoke

sans everything: When conservatives loved the Palestinians. Computers have cut-and-paste functions. So does right-wing historical memory.

Mad Kane's Political Madness: Dear Ralph: Go Away!

ANNALS OF JOURNALISM: The NYT censors Krugman, why not Kristol, Rich, Dowd, Kristof, and Brooks?...Mountain, Meet Molehill...Howard Kurtz's conflicting interests and his love affair with The Right...USA Today to Dems: Move to the right...How the press can prevent another Iraq...Russert asks a plagiarist about plagiarism, but that wasn't his lowest moment...Fox News Porn...NYT can't see a Bank bailout in front of its eyes


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