Mike's Blog Roundup

Martini Revolution: President Bush: Hypocrite and miserable failure.

Making conservatives cringe since 1977: Maybe when Senator McSame visits Annapolis he'll explain why he's left so many veterans behind.

BAGnewsNotes: Coming to a cubicle near you

The Liberal Journal: Dean working toward a Florida resolution

Balkinization: John "Torture" Yoo issued his controversial and lawless opinion in his own name. But John Yoo did not have the legal authority to issue this opinion . . . unless either Jay Bybee and/or John Ashcroft signed off on it.

HOLY CRAP: The King of America...Navy Chaplain fired...New Baptist John McCain returns to his old Episcopal high school...The lingering effects of anti-abortion terrorism...Get Rich for Jesus...Sympathy for the devil...Demon Rum...John McCain, Jew Counter...


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