Petraeus Testimony Today

For many, all the questions that could be asked of Gen. Petraeus boils down to the same one asked of him by Sen. John Warner last time he testified in front of Congress:

SEN. WARNER: . . . Are you able to say at this time, if we continue what you have laid before the Congress here as a strategy, do you feel that that is making America safer?

GEN. PETRAEUS: Sir, I believe that this is indeed the best course of action to achieve our objectives in Iraq.

SEN. WARNER: Does that make America safer?

GEN. PETRAEUS: Sir, I don’t know actually.

Six months later and Bush's "surge" later, that answer is clearly no, as the situation in Iraq is getting worse, and as TomDispatch points out, the "success" of the surge was always an expensive illusion for which payment will someday come due. The netroots have been promoting A Responsible Plan, which has been endorsed to date by 50 Democratic congressional candidates and 3,500 people (why haven't you signed up?), and Matt Stoller posed the question of what they would ask Petraeus to some of the Responsible Plan congressional candidates.

What would YOU ask of Petraeus?


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