Mike's Blog Roundup

Talk To Action: McSame-backer John Hagee lies to Jewish bloggers on his motives for supporting Israel. Meanwhile, the wandering maverick discovered New Orleans!

David Sirota: Congressional Democrats are now saying they will effectively thwart any effort to create a national health care program.

Threat Level: A federal court in Illinois has ruled that citizens will be able to learn if they are on the government's sprawling and error-prone terrorist watch list.

The Pump Handle: The Union of Concerned Scientists surveyed 1,586 scientists at the EPA. Unsurprisingly--if you've been paying attention-- they found that 889 of those scientists (60%) personally experienced at least one incident of political interference during the past five years

Thought Theater: Yes to tax cuts and loopholes - No to Fair Pay legislation

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: RaceWire. happening-here?, Bad Attitudes, Senate Guru


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