Mike's Blog Roundup

The Zen Cabin: Anyone who has followed the FISA fight is probably familiar with James Cicconi. Let's give Mr. Cicconi the attention he deserves - we'll start just before things went to Hell in America.

Crackpot Press: Scientologist speaks out, fears being "suicided"

PERRspectives Blog: With the Republican nomination now safely secured, John McCain, the self-proclaimed "foot soldier in the Reagan revolution," is trying to reverse the hard right turn he took in the GOP primaries.

The Road to Surfdom: This should be a scandal because it reveals how the media's whole coverage of the Iraq invasion and occupaton - not just the opinion pieces but the so-called news as well - has been heavily shaped and dominated by the US military as part of a calculated and sustained campaign of misinformation...and American taxpayers foot the bill!

Roger Ailes: Making abstinence fun.

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Ali Eteraz, The Unapologetic Mexican, MetaFilter, Naked Politics


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