Mike's Blog Roundup

GOPnot4me: McCainocrats? Surely, not!

Threat Level: McCain - I'd secretly spy on Americans, too.

The Public Record: When Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton in the 1990s, he spoke out against the sanctions against Iran - the same Iran he's now rattling the saber toward for their terrorist ties.

Attytood: An Iraqi in America wonders whose war is it, anyway?

HOLY CRAP: US apologizes for proselytizing by Marine in Iraq, but they're really not sorry...You can leave the UCC - but the UCC may not leave you...The Antichrist is gay, "partially Jewish, as was Hitler"...Conservative lawyer Douglas Kmiec denied communion because of Obama endorsement...Blacks, Jews & Obama...Bobby Jindal: Exorcist Vice-President?...More anti-Semitism from the religious right.


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