Mike's Blog Roundup

Amygdala: Clean Slate Day. There will be a few scorched earth dead-enders, but grownup progressives will see the wisdom in unity. Hillary didn't lose the race, Barack won it.

MoJo Blog: Ten House races all headed in one direction

VetVoice: A big story about the Bush plan to keep Iraq under US control after he's long gone and on the lam. The timing could also boost that ingrate, McSame.

Skeptical Brotha: Hillarite reaches out to the Congressional Black Caucus about that open slot.

The Pump Handle: Crashing cranes, deaths, and the White House's edict. And don't miss CBS 60 Minutes this Sunday with more on the BUSHCO OSHA failure to protect workers.

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Negrophile, The Daily Scare, The Political Carnival, The Blogosphere Starts Now


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