Mike's Blog Roundup

The Reality-Based Community: What sort of objectivity in the classroom?

No More Mister Nice Blog: But...I thought Muslims didn't drink martinis. Josh Marshall ran this item under, Uppity-Watch.

Connecting.the.Dots: Neocon sacrifices

Consortiumblog: Campaign Finance Reform has failed

Huffington Post: NASA climate scientist says that Oil executives should be tried for crimes against humanity.

HOLY CRAP: Same-sex marriage threatens Dad's day celebration...Crazed Holy Crapian invited to speak at Pentagon prayer breakfast...Fellow Christians, we have been fooled for too long...Lying for Jesus...Texas GOP passes a theocratic platform..Branding!...Carl Jung was prophetic of today's ongoing debate about religion and science as well as a much older debate about the 'individual' and the 'state'...Resolved to continue bigotry...FISA & Christian Nihilism...Dobson accuses Obama of acting like Dobson


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