New Obama Ad: McCain = Bush, Failed Politics & Policies Of The Past

After a barrage of false, negative attacks from Republican John McCain, Barack Obama fires back with a new ad which sends a clear message that he's not going to sit back and let the false accusations stand. The ad hits the aging Arizona Senator at his weakest point -- George Bush. True, showing pictures of McCain hand in hand with Bush is like taking candy from a baby, but it works. In the end, the ad builds on the growing sentiment that the McCain camp is running scared and leaves Obama looking...dare I say it?


Announcer: He's practicing the politics of the past.
John McCain. His attacks on Barack Obama:
"not true"
"the low road"
John McCain. Same old politics. Same failed policies.
Barack Obama supports a $1,000 middle class tax cut.
An energy plan that takes on oil companies, develops alternative fuels, and breaks the grip of foreign oil.
That's change we can believe in.
Obama: I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message.


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