McCain Disses Taco Bell In New Anti-Obama Ad

(Here's s link to the ad) John McCain attacks Obama in another low brow ad, but uses Taco Bell to attack Obama with. Say, what? Since Rove and his pals have been calling Obama an elitist who eats arugula salads and goes to exotic places---the use of Taco Bell only weakens their argument. And that has been much of what they are trying to do to Obama. Make him a light weight. A fly on the wall of big thinking politicians.

I do disagree with Josh Marshal about the race angle on this ad though. I think we have to be careful because we run the risk of losing the argument if it's not clearer to the American people when McCain's camp actually does use it. (And you know it is part of their playbook.) It will only give Rick Davis the opportunity to come out yelling and screaming to the media that Obama is the one actually playing the race card again and he will win because the media is intimidated by him. By the way, the AFL-CIO in Ohio wants Davis fired because...

The deal was made possible in 2003, when McCain and high-priced lobbyist Rick Davis, McCain's current campaign manager, both pushed to allow the German company Deutsche Post to take over DHL and get around antitrust laws. Davis' lobbying firm, Davis Manafort, was hired to help both companies deal with Congress, where objections over DHL's foreign ownership arose. Davis and a partner earned their firm $185,000 for the DHL-Airborne Express work that year, and $405, on


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