Mike's Blog Roundup

democracyarsenal: While our national conversation has been focused on porcine makeup, a Maine television reporter - unlike the BBQ press - asked a baffled McCain some tough questions. Naturally, the Psychogeezer responded to the first question with a lie, then just kept spreading manure. Example: Sarah Palin..."knows more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America."

Open Left: Did McCain tamper with the Drug Enforcement Agency to protect his career?

Prometheus 6: Typical of a member of the Kouncil of Konservative Kitizens

Needlenose: Advice for Obama...

Clusterdouche! Matt Damon to produce "Hockey Mom" for Disney Channel; George Lucas will provide CGI-enhanced presidential gravitas

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: nihilix, TheZoo, Click Your Opinion, Blue Heron Blast


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