Sarah Palin Honors Warriors On Christmas

Heritage Foundation's 2013 gift list has something for everyone, even those waging war on Christmas.
Sarah Palin Honors Warriors On Christmas

The Heritage Foundation wants all of their members to know that there's a gift for everyone, no matter what their beliefs. From Uzbek embroidered wall hangings of Stalin to a Benghazi throw pillow, culture warriors everywhere have a source for last-minute gift options for their pals.

How can it be that Sarah Palin, that fine warrior against warriors on Christmas, would allow her image to be put on a card that says "Celebrate the Season"? Oh, sure she says it's for people who don't celebrate Christmas but want to support those fighting the warriors on Christmas, but isn't that the heart of the war on Christmas?

Yikes, I think maybe I just committed a Palinism.

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