ABC News Asks Republican Strategists What They Want To See On SOTU

With the country more divided than ever, ABC News couldn't pass up the opportunity to let Republican strategists display their pettiness and smallness of mind.

Ladies and gentlemen, your "liberal media" at work.

ABC News asked some of their stable of pundits who they'd like to see in the largely symbolic seat next to First Lady Michelle Obama at Tuesday's State of the Union address. In past years, she's invited victims of gun violence and others who would be impacted by the agenda set forth by the president.

While Democratic strategist Donna Brazile goes heartwarming--but lacking in substance-- with Batkid, Republican strategist Ana Navarro decided to go small and Mean Girl with Michelle Obama's personal trainer and former Bushie Matthew Dowd thinks Mrs. Obama should leave a seat empty for all the people still voiceless and unrepresented in Washington.

While I actually do bemoan the significant number of Americans who don't get a millisecond of thought from the elites inside the Beltway, it's a little more than disingenuous (and frankly, bordering on petty and snarky) for a GWB insider to claim to care about people that have fallen below poverty levels, thanks to thirty years of concerted Republican policies to enrich the oligarchs.

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