US High Court Justice Gives Guantanamo Inmates Opening

Breyer's statement indicated that he could be ready to hear an appeal on the basis of the gray areas he outlined that have not yet been addressed by the court.
US High Court Justice Gives Guantanamo Inmates Opening

Via AFP:

A US Supreme Court justice on Monday raised questions about the scope of the government's authority to detain terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, offering a glimmer of hope to those held for years without charge.

The high court refused to hear the appeal of a Yemeni man held for 12 years at the US military prison in Cuba, letting stand a lower court ruling that he could be detained simply because he was found to be "part of al-Qaeda or the Taliban at the time of his apprehension."

Progressive Justice Stephen Breyer, while concurring with that decision, issued a statement outlining sever...

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