Greta Van Susteren's Double Standard On Ad Hominem Attacks


Sarah Palin's number one fan over at Faux "news" stayed true to form when she took up for her during her and Bret Baier's extended interview with Hillary Clinton this Tuesday. After Baier and Van Susteren spent the better part of the interview badgering Clinton with questions that have already been answered on Benghazi, Van Susteren asked Clinton about what she called the "deafening" silence from the media after allegations were made about whether or not she's actually the mother of her youngest child, Trig.

I think our friend Ellen at News Hounds summed up Van Susteren's outrage over Palin perfectly:

Van Susteren has a point but I’ll take it more seriously when she takes a dose of her own medicine. Where was she when Fox was going birther? In fact, birther Donald Trump has been repeatedly welcomed as a credible pundit on Van Susteren’s On The Record show since then. Remember when then-Congressman Allen West channeled Joseph McCarthy and accused The Congressional Progressive Caucus Democrats of being communists? Crickets from Van Susteren, as far as I know. And Palin herself is vicious and personal in her attacks. Did Van Susteren speak out against Palin when she accused Obama of palling around with terrorists? If so, I missed it.


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