May The Derp Be With You, Kimberly Guilfoyle Edition

Perhaps Keith Ablow is available for counseling, because these folks need it and they need it now.

Gutfeld ranted about golf and ISIS and that was boring and bad enough. But then derpy Kimberly Guilfoyle jumps in with her superior knowledge of geopolitical tactics and strategy alongside a special appeal -- to Vladimir Putin. Or Bibi Netanyahu. Whoever is available.

It goes like this: Kim wants Daddy Vladdy to step in and take over as President for 48 hours, suspend civil liberties and bomb the living daylights out of Syria, Iran, Iraq, whoever. She doesn't care and she doesn't care who dies because she just doesn't want to live in fear anymore.

Hint, Kim. Why on earth would ISIS give a damn about you? But if you're that worried, may I suggest you get the hell out of New York City? Just find yourself a small Russian island. I hear there's lots of space in Siberia, too.

Does anyone watch this crap show? I hope not.

Also, wasn't there a time when Republicans really loathed commies like Putin? Wasn't he the enemy once? What's up with them all having the hots for him now?

Oh, I know. White.


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