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Open Thread - Happy Zappadan

So Bill O'Reilly says there aren't any holidays between now and Christmas? Is he part of the War on Zappadan?

Merry Zappadan!

As I say every year at this time: December 4 (the day Frank Zappa died) through December 21 (his birthday) is known as Zappadan: the days of the year between death and birth, that ethereal time when there was no Frank, so we must celebrate him to keep his spirit safe until his birthday again.

Or it's just a great excuse for an internet-wide party that has nothing to do with the greed and debt festival known as Christmas in America.

In any event, it's a labor of love, and a days long tribute to a great artist, with the hope that Frank would be proud.

Check out the official Zappa website here.

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