Chris Wallace: GOP Like Disney Movie 'Honey, I Shrunk The Party'

6 years ago by David

Sen. Dick Durbin and Sen. John Ensign appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss the party makeup of the Senate. Sen. Durbin thinks it's too soon for count on having 60 Democratic Senators. "Sen. Cornyn has announced that he wants to see this appealed to the federal courts and beyond if necessary and in his own words, even if it takes years. To think the people of Minnesota would be denied a Senate seat would be unfortunate," Durbin told Fox's Chris Wallace Sunday.

Wallace asked Sen. John Ensign if he could explain why the Republican Party seems to be getting smaller. "Sen. Ensign, it sounds like a Disney movie, 'Honey, I Shrunk the Party," said Wallace.

"The Democrats have done a much better job of identifying people who they think could win in particular states, and I don't think that we've done a really good job of that, and we need to get back to that," explained Ensign "Unfortunately, you know, in the Republican Party, some people have wanted to get almost -- to have too pure of a party."


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