Rep. Jim Jordan: No AR-15 Background Checks Because 'It's About Freedom'

2 years ago by David

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) says that gun buyers should face background checks for concealed carry handgun permits but not assault rifles because "it's about freedom."

During a Sunday interview on Fox News, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) explained to guest host John Roberts that even people on the terrorist watch list could purchase assault rifles like the Bushmaster AR-15 that was used to slaughter 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut.

Jordan, however, insisted that "more restrictions on law-abiding Americans is not going to prevent these kind of tragedies."

"We've got to remember the Second Amendment is about freedom," Jordan opined. "And that's what we've got to focus on as we move forward. If there's ways outside of this [background check proposal] that we can help address the situation, fine. But we've got to remember it's about freedom. And, frankly, you've got to remember that bad guys aren't stupid, they're just bad."

"This isn't about restricting people, this is about common-sense provisions," Van Hollen replied. "For example, right now we have a background check but there are big loopholes in the background check. Do you want to get rid of the background checks, the criminal background checks?"

Jordan noted that he had supported background checks and training courses for concealed carry permits.

"So, why not make that universal?" Van Hollen wondered. "Let's join each other in making sure we get rid of the loophole, so that everybody that purchases a gun must have a background check. Would you support that?"

"You've got to remember what the Second Amendment is about: It's about freedom," Jordan remarked.

"So if you've broken the law and committed a violent act, you should be able to go out and buy a semi-automatic assault weapon?" Van Hollen pressed.

"You shouldn't be able to get a concealed carry permit, that's for darn sure," Jordan quipped without answering the question.


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