Anaheim: Police Open Fire On Crowd With Pepper Balls, Rubber Bullets, Bean Bags

Tim Pool is livestreaming from Anaheim, California...

Broadcasting live with Ustream

At this moment, all I know is that this violence going on now in Anaheim is related to protests about the recent shooting death of a young man there. The community is protesting the police killing of Manuel Diaz in Anaheim over the weekend.

Massive police presence in the area, and police are firing into any crowd with bean bags, pepper balls, and rubber bullets. I just saw one young woman with three horrible marks from rubber bullets on one of her legs.

There have also been bottles and rocks tossed at police, and Tim Pool just missed being hit by a rock. Media is being kept behind the police line, and at this moment there are 7 helicopters overhead, not certain if they are media, police, or possibly medical? Dumpster fire in the road right now.

This is a bad situation, with the livestreamers not able to see the protesters or what's happening to them.

Tweets and observations from the livestream:

"A couple cops fired at me!" says @Timcast in #Anaheim. "Press pass, hands in the air. They still fired at me."

@TimCast - "Car just fired on...literally just ricocheted 2 feet from my head" #Anaheim

"They aren't giving warnings, they're just firing indiscriminately."

A woman with two babies is walking around like normal with shooting going on every which way, wtf?

Via Twitter, it seems that all media personnel have been fired on by police.

Guest at Disney being kept inside the park, fire department responds to fires allegedly related to the protest.

Windows at a Starbucks smashed...

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